6 winter beauty tips celebrities swear by for the colder months

  • 26 Dec - 01 Jan, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

Sniffling noses, chunky sweaters and ice-cold temperatures can only mean one thing: Winter is coming. Though winter has a lot of perks (snow, the holidays, coats on coats on coats), it also takes a huge toll on one’s skin and hair. This is why celebrities, from Kim Kardashian to Lucy Liu, change up their beauty routines big-time to combat the harsher weather and conditions.

To fight against dry skin and brittle hair this season, we’ve collected six tried-and-true beauty tips celebrities swear by for the colder months ahead. From putting blush under concealer to swapping lotion for oil, here’s what you need to know to look hot in the winter, even if the temperatures aren’t.

Allison Brie: Use a tinted lip balm

Because the cold winter months often leave one's skin looking colourless and dull – not to mention dry – Brie uses a tinted lip balm. Her favourite is Burt's Bees. Not only does the product keep her lips hydrated and moisturised, it also restores colour to Brie's chapped and drab-looking pout.

"I find that they get so dry, and when I am cold, my whole face gets really colourless, so it is good to have a tinted balm. It is the best of both worlds," Brie told InStyle.

Blake Lively: Use a volumising shampoo

Lively is known for her famous mane, so of course, her hairstylist Rod Ortega, would have a smart secret for the cold. Because people often wear hats in the winter, which can flatten hair, Ortega recommends using a volumising shampoo. Likewise, in the summer when the sun can dry out one's locks, Ortega recommends more hydrating hair products.

“It’s always good to switch off shampoos every once in a while,” he told a publication. “You could do a volumising shampoo in the winter because you might be wearing a lot of hats, or a nice moisturising, hydrating shampoo during the summer because there’s more sun.”

Charlize Theron: Remember to use SPF

Just because the sun is out less, doesn't mean that you should skip the SPF. UV rays can still go through clouds, meaning SPF is as important in the summer as it is in the winter. Theron knows this well too.

"I'm a massive believer in sunblock. Massive. I wear sunblock in the winter, when it's rainy and gray out – all the time. And not just SPF 15; I wear 50. Five-zero! It's a huge part of my moisturising routine," she told Elle.

Chloe Kim: Use a sleeping mask at night

It's no secret that the winter can dry out one's skin. One way to help this is by using a sleeping mask at night. That way, when you wake in the morning, your skin is hydrated and moisturised – instead of dry and cracked. If anyone knows this well, it's Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim who recommends Laneige's Water Sleeping Mask.

"Sometimes I get really bad wind burn and my face starts to peel, but I know that I can plop the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask on my face at night and my skin will be fine the next day," Kim told InStyle.

Jessica Alba: Exfoliate more often

For Alba, the winter means more exfoliation to remove dead and dry skin and reveal the more alive layers underneath, allowing for her skin-care products to absorb better. Though the amount of exfoliation depends on one's skin type, Alba seems to be onto something for keeping her skin vibrant in the winter.

“I find that my skin always gets really dry in the winter so it’s important to exfoliate a lot,” Alba told the Telegraph.

Nastasha Lyonne: Switch your lotion for oil

For longer-lasting moisture, Lyonne recommends switching your lotion for oil. Her favourite is Colbert's Illumino Face Oil, which is meant for your face, but Lyonne also uses to slather her body with to keep hydrated in the winter.

“I’ve become a big fan of putting stuff like that on my body even. I’m like, 'Why are all these products just for your face? The rest of my body isn't important?'” Lyonne told InStyle.