Ala Rahi

  • 26 Dec - 01 Jan, 2021
  • Alina Qamar
  • High Life

Karachi is home to countless cultural groups, which accounts for the concentration of delicious, authentic cuisine across the city. And it's no secret that this city knows a thing or two about world-class Middle Eastern eateries. Shrouded in mystery, the land of fairytales, Middle Eastern countries have always inspired people from all over the world. Just like its diverse culture, its food is highly rated and is one of the finest cuisines in the world. Its rich, aromatic textures engulf your senses and take you on a gastronomic journey.

A while back, my family and I were walk-ins at one such eatery, Ala Rahi. Decked out in authentic Middle Eastern décor, Ala Rahi is more than just a luxe-looking spot. Its dining spot offers a delicious selection of Lebanese, Afghani, Turkish and Arabic eats. The menu at Ala Rahi sure is extensive and it took us a while to decide what we want to order. After flipping through the menu a couple of times, we finally decided to dig in directly to the main course.

Coming from a family that loves to eat rice, we decided to order Laham Khubus Pilaf from their Specialties menu. The dish arrived in a traditional Middle Eastern dinnerware. Covered in bread was a steaming hot Afghani pulao with grilled mutton and vegetables, cooked to perfection.

Next, we decided to order their scrumptious looking Brick-Fired Chicken. This was again served in bread and as I cut the bread open the enticing chicken stuffed with vegetables and rice was a sight to behold. But I have to say that the presentation was twice as good as the taste. As a chicken lover, I expected it to be far better in taste than the Laham Khubus Pilaf.

Lastly, having never tasted Lebanese cuisine, my curious self wanted to give that a try too. So, we ordered the Lebanese Special Platter from their Platters menu. The platter was full of choices, consisting of footlong kebabs, Lebanese chicken, Lebanese mutton, hummus and even fries. Ingredients of the platter were lovingly prepped, portions were generous, and fillings were off-piste. All in all, the eatery proved to be promising and I’ll definitely be going back for more!


When you go to a restaurant you should expect nothing less than a delectable meal that exceeds your expectation and Ala Rahi surely lived up to mine.


The staff here was extremely cooperative, prompt and gentle.


A restaurant’s atmosphere sets the stage. The traditional Mid Eastern interior gave the eatery a pleasant ambience.


Food was presented in an eye catching manner. The presentation was not too fancy but it was something we normally don’t get to see.


Ala Rahi’s food is certainly worth all the money spent. Depending on what you order, it is not too pricey.