Over the past year, startups and massive corporations alike have kept up the tempo of new releases. Despite the pandemic, there are new gadgets from the outlandish to the high-concept to the downright handy. Cool new technology reminds us that even as 2020 closes out, we humans can't help but invent, grow, and change. Here are the most interesting gadgets which came out this year.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Smartphone

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 is our favourite Android smartphone of 2020, because it offers top-tier design, specs, and performance at an amazing price point. The most noteworthy highlights include a vibrant 6.5-inch display with a fast and smooth 120 Hz maximum refresh rate and a great camera setup.

Motorola Moto Razr 5G

Amidst the raging battle between Apple, Samsung, and Google, one key player, a hero, returned: Motorola, with its signature and classic phone, the Razr. This new device uses a foldable screen to preserve the flip phone style.

Apple MacBook Air with M1 Chip

Thanks to Apple’s groundbreaking M1 chip, the updated MacBook Air has more power and vastly longer battery life than its predecessor, while retaining the same iconic design. Because the new chip doesn’t need cooling fans, the notebook is as quiet as it is sleek.

mophie Dual Wireless Charging Pad

The mophie dual wireless charging pad can wirelessly charge a duo of smartphones or a phone and earbuds with a wireless charging case. It has a maximum power output of 10 watts, so it’s as incredibly fast, too.

Sony Alpha 7C Digital Camera

If you want to capture images (and movies!) that are more stunning, dynamic, and beautiful, you'd want Sony’s Alpha 7C digital camera at your side. This 24.2-megapixel, full-frame digital camera claim the mantle of the world’s smallest and lightest. Multiple features abound like shutter units, a five-axis, and an in-body stabilisation.

Apple iPhone 12 mini

The 5G-toting iPhone 12 mini is the best compact smartphone to date. It has the same design, durability, industry-conquering performance, and great camera setup as the bigger iPhone 12. But thanks to a 5.4-inch Super Retina display, the mini is easy to use with one hand.

Sony Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Sony’s noise-cancelling headphones are the product category’s new gold standard. The over-ear cans have an understated design with top-tier ergonomics, industry-leading sound and noise-cancellation, as well as a reliable performance during calls.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Tablet

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is a full-size Android tablet with an elegant design, a premium all-metal finish, excellent hardware specs, and impressive performance. Thanks to a bundled S Pen stylus, the slate is an excellent productivity and creativity tool.

Monocarbon Fiber Case

This Apple Watch case by Monocarbon is impossibly slim, yet incredibly tough. The easy-to-install accessory is crafted from carbon fiber – a high-tech material that's lightweight and durable in equal measure.

Razer Basilisk Wireless Gaming Mouse

The Razer Basilisk Ultimate is as excellent as a gaming mouse can be. Thanks to a cutting-edge optical sensor with 20,000 DPI, the accessory is can deliver uncompro-mising, pro-grade performance in both wireless and wired mode.