Which is the best moisturiser and sunscreen for acne patients with skin of colour?

Some of our preferred products that are well-suited for skin of colour patients with acne include Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Absorbing Moisturiser with SPF 30, Aveeno Positively Radiant with SPF 30, Toleriane Double Repair Moisturiser with SPF 30, and Cerave AM.

How to deal with open pores?

Regular use of salicylic acid containing creams can help in controlling open pores. Using a skin toner is also a good idea as it will close the pores on your skin and prevent open pores. Use cold water instead of hot so that the pores are not open for too long as they can attract dirt and dust and lead to other skin problems.

I work in a restaurant and am required to wash my hands very frequently. My hands are cracked and dry; obviously I have hand eczema. What can you suggest I do at work to help the situation?

Use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser on your fingertips to substitute for hand washing when-ever possible. Although the alcohol will sting on open areas, you will at least spare more of the skin from the wet-dry cycles that cause the cracking in the first place. Wear waterproof gloves for all wet work, but always wear cotton gloves underneath these waterproof gloves. The cotton gloves will absorb perspiration that would wet the skin and cause cracking when the gloves are removed and the hands dry rapidly.

What kinds of moles should be removed?

Everyone is different, and everyone’s moles look different, too. What looks suspicious on one person might not necessarily look questionable on another. Ultimately, your dermatologist is most concerned about moles that change. If you notice a change in a mole’s colour, size, texture, or shape, you should schedule a skin check as soon as possible.

What is the one product that people use that you don’t think is helpful at all?”

Apple cider vinegar. People use it for all kinds of things and it often ends up just causing irritation and more skin problems. It is probably the ingredient that is used most incorrectly in DIY remedies.