Can too much toothpaste be harmful? My toddler loves brushing teeth just because of his nice, flavoured kids’ toothpaste. He licks it off his toothbrush.

A rice-sized bit is enough if they’re between the ages of two to three years. Also, keep to an age-appropriate toothpaste.

Is mouthwash safe for children?

This is a tricky question to answer. Mostly doctors don't recommend mouthwash for children under the age of six. Young children are more likely to accidentally swallow the product. This can result in nausea, vomiting, or other GI issues. Along with stomach symptoms, ingesting large amounts of mouthwash can also cause intoxication. If you want your older child or teen to use a mouthwash, talk to the dentist before you choose a product. Always follow the dentist's and manufacturer's instructions when your child uses any type of mouthwash.

Is dry mouth something to be concerned about?

In many cases, yes. Dry mouth tends to impact the elderly and people with conditions like diabetes. When the mouth becomes dry, it is because the body is not producing enough saliva. This is a problem because saliva is the body’s natural way of washing away bacteria and plaque. Without it, patients are at an increased risk of getting cavities or gum disease. Simultaneously, a patient’s breath will start to smell stale. We recommend that patients drink more water and visit a dentist on a regular basis so that we can help patients to stay in good oral health.

What are common treatments for a toothache?

We find that a lot of people develop a toothache after getting something stuck between their teeth. If the object is very small, people may not know that it is there. Thus, we suggest brushing and flossing teeth prior to giving us a call. If that does not help, then the patient may have a cavity, infection or gum disease. All of these require immediate care, and we can treat them in our dentist office while ensuring that patients remain entirely comfortable. Our objective is to keep the patient healthy, and if one calls with a toothache, we will help the patient return to normal life as quickly as possible.