On a weekday evening, my friends and I dropped by at Tau’s Bahadurabad branch for dinner. Their outdoor dining space is quite decent; the seating is comfortable and it is as private as outdoor dining can be. We ordered Kabab Naan, Cheese Naan, Chicken Boti, Beef Bihari Boti and Makhni Handi. Starting with the appetisers, the cheese naans were perfectly cheesy in that they weren’t too creamy or heavy in any way, the cow milk cheddar cheese has a very distinct taste and that’s what you would get in this cheesy delight. The kabab naans were an instant hit with us! Naans with a garlic hint encapsulated nicely seasoned beef seekh kababs; they were hot and spicy and tasted out of this world with their raita and spicy-sour tamarind chutney. This is a meal on its own! I am a spice-lover so I didn’t think much of the chicken boti, though my friend really like it and I guess, if you have elders and kids with you, this would be a good option to go with. The beef boti, on the other hand, was a steaming hot serving of chatpata pleasure. It was really soft, which is indicative of a good marinade and good marinating duration. Taste wise, this is a great option for those who don’t want to go crazy on the spice but want something hot nonetheless.

The handi was served with the softest naans, and was a hit with us, too. What I liked about this bubbling pot of joy is that it wasn’t too creamy; the gravy was grainy enough to be enjoyed with naans and not leave you feeling too full. For dessert, we were served with kulfi garnished with caramel chunks. Even though it is chilly these days, we thoroughly enjoyed this after a hearty meal full of hot, spicy and sour flavours – this is a must-try as well if you want to end your dinner on a happy note. Tau’s is one eatery that has seen slow and steady success, and it is all because of the quality of taste and services they provide. If you haven’t given this restaurant a try, you are missing out!


Tau’s has made its name in the desi cuisine area, which is not at all easy feat in Karachi. This is all solely because of the taste it provides – it makes you want to keep going back.


One thing that has always been commendable with Tau’s is its service.


Having been to the Bahadurabad branch for the first time, the ambience is just perfect for a lovely meal; it is cozy and intimate.


Tau’s does a decent job in this department; of course, there is only so much you can do when it comes to desi dishes that need to be served in handis and karahis.


The restaurant is excellent value for money, seeing as it is fine dining and great service plus its good serving sizes.