Samiya Mumtaz and Aijaz Aslam starrer ‘Agay Barho’ is a tale of a dysfunctional family

Short of the week

Films about dysfunctional families are a genre unto themselves. You’ll usually find fractured parent-child relationships, secrets, maybe an ex-marital affair, a dark past, angry confrontations, and a reunion at the end. One such inspirational tale of a dysfunctional family is the recently released short film Agay Barho, starring Samiya Mumtaz and Aijaz Aslam in the lead. Agay Barho is an inspirational story of a married woman called Nadia, whose life decisions bring her to a point where she is left unhappy and damaged in her marriage with her superstar husband, Salman. She has a 21 year daughter, who both parents adore, named Alina. Alina tries her hardest to make her parents relationship work but perhaps, there is something else in store for the family. This is a story of how a woman in her middle age picks herself up and moves on, despite all the emotional hurt she has been subjected to, for the sake of those who matter.