Bisconni Music is a new emerging platform for singers

On the music front

Given the deep connection we have with music, it’s always exciting to know that there’s a new platform where we can listen to all sorts of music as per our liking, that too, live music. For that purpose, Bisconni’s General Manager of Marketing, Muhammad Sabir Godil, brought to the viewers Bisconni Music to promote original soundtracks by fresh talents as well as renowned musicians. Talking about his new venture, he said, “My vision for Bisconni consists of many passion points out of which one is Bisconni Music. I am very enthusiastic about this particular project as I’ve always been passionate about Pakistani Music. I always knew our industry is full of talent and talent that is undiscovered. I believed that music is an art that shall not be given any rules or boundaries. When you let the musicians run wild with their ideas, let their creativity flow, that’s when the real magic happens.”