The Opium Prince

A man is caught between worlds in The Opium Prince by Jasmine Aimaq. This stunning debut focuses on Daniel Sajadi, a man with an American mother and Afghan war-hero father who relocates to Afghanistan to run an agency dedicated to eradicating the poppy fields that feed the world's opioid epidemic. However, things take a heartbreaking turn when Daniel accidentally strikes and kills a young girl with his car, leaving him at the mercy of a powerful drug lord.

A Curse of Roses

A Curse of Roses by Diana Pinguica is a moving queer romance based on a Portuguese legend. Princess Yzabel yearns to reverse her magic, which causes everything she eats to turn to flowers, so she can turn flowers into food for her people, and the only person who can help is Fatyan, who requires true love to be free from the magic that binds her.

We Hear Voices

Prepare for major goose bumps when you read Evie Green's We Hear Voices. The story focuses on a little boy, Billy, who recovers from a flu-like pandemic only to begin talking to an invisible friend who seems to be encouraging him to engage in increasingly dangerous behaviour. As Billy becomes more and more erratic, his mother begins to wonder if there's more to his invisible friend than she could have ever imagined.