The Mess You Leave Behind

  • 02 Jan - 08 Jan, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

It seems like we’re getting a fair amount of stories that involve some sort of inappropriate teacher-student relationship. But The Mess You Leave Behind, a new Spanish thriller on Netflix, takes this topic and makes it even more foreboding. We’re introduced to a young teacher named Raquel (Inma Cuesta), who dreams that she comes home from shopping just to be told by her husband Germán (Tomar Novas) that her mother, whom she’s been caring for, has passed. But it’s actually a few months later, though her mom’s death still haunts her. She gets a job as a substitute teacher in the village of Galicia; she’ll be taking over a high school literature class from a departed teacher. She and Germán think of it as a fresh start. Then we see the woman from the first scene, Viruca (Bárbara Lennie), giving a class at the same school. There’s something going on between her and one of her students, Iago (Arón Piper), but it’s hard to know what. What we do know is that Iago and his girlfriend Nerea (Isabel Garrido) have broken up because of it. Raquel comes in a day early to get the lay of the land before her first class. She runs into Iago and his buddy Roi (Roque Ruíz) getting into a minor scuffle, and when she confronts them, he tries to scare her off. Judging by the first episode, we’re going to go with it further.