• 02 Jan - 08 Jan, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Fierce concerns a Polish teen’s attempt to confront her absentee rock star father through an unlikely prism: becoming a contestant on the competitive singing show on which he’s a judge so she can face him down and win it, just for spite. It has its moments, but there might be more grist for drama on an actual, real world singing program. Music Race is the biggest thing going on Polish television. The Idol-style competitive reality show features as poobah of its judges’ table Olo (Maciej Zakoscielny), a smarmy rocker who’s still coasting on his radio hits from two decades ago. Olo’s livid when Music Race‘s producer orchestrates a round of auditions to be held in Rozalin, the hometown he left behind, because a quiet, provincial life isn’t the only thing he walked out on when fame came calling. Marta Ostowiscz, 18, lives with her mother and grandmother in Rozalin, and she sees the local auditions as a chance to give her deadbeat dad what for. In fully-flanneled Grunge Teen chic, she sneaks into the audition, cuts in line, and gets to the mic and rants at Olo. As it turns out, Marta, or “Ostra,” can really sing. Marta’s an overnight sensation and blowing up all over social media, even as Olo feels his celebrity slipping into oblivion. Fierce has some fun portraying how these shows” storylines and competitors can consume polite society.

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