ANOUSHAY ABBASI - It’s the social responsibility of celebrities to set positive examples by the characters they play

Anoushay Abbasi, an intelligent, pragmatic and articulate starlet, is on a roll with one hit after another and is not planning to stop as she goes ahead in the industry like the impetuous winds.

Abbasi made her debut with the drama serial Tootay Huwae Par and since then, we have seen her on multiple shows, bringing so many characters to life. With her awe-inspiring acting skills and an impressive line of work, Abbasi has quickly become one of the most sought-after actresses. We are recently witnessing Abbasi in a supporting role alongside Sohai Ali Abro and Farhan Saeed in rom-com drama serial, Prem Gali. She is also seen in a prominent role in the currently airing drama, Raqs-e-Bismil alongside Imran Ashraf and Sarah Khan. MAG catches her in a lively tete-a-tete, where she opens up, by her own admission, like never before. Read on…

Who is Anoushay Abbasi behind the camera?

Anoushay Abbasi, behind the camera, is a simple working girl, with a 12 hour job, responsibilities, a lovely family and an amazing support system of friends. I am really and truly blessed.

You started off as a VJ, how did you transition into the world of acting?

So, I am going to use your interview to set the record straight, I was never a VJ – that’s Anoushey Ashraf! I don’t know why it’s there on Google, but maybe with this interview it will change.

What is it about acting that you love so much?

I love being able to be this whole new person, with this entirely different life, issues and experiences. Living these different lives, and then just changing clothes, taking off makeup and becoming myself again is something surreal! And then with each new drama, web series or film it’s a new universe I walk into.

Who is a constant inspiration for you within the industry?

I would say Sania Saeed, as an actress, has been really inspiring to me.

What else are you passionate about other than acting?

I would say reading or just hanging out with my friends.

Given a chance to write your own script, which subject would you choose and why?

I haven’t thought about it – but it would definitely not be that typical saas bahu drama.

What are some draconian practices in showbiz that it needs to evolve from?

Rumours and overdose of bogus information, five minutes of fame and putting content that will get “ratings” over genuine focus on telling unique stories.

What do you consider as social responsibilities that come with the celebrity label?

Being honest and sincere to your craft, trying to set a positive example by the characters you play and use your voice and reach to talk about things and issues that matter. A celebrity can help nudge perceptions with what influence we have.

The press spends their careers trying to get their audiences the inside story of celebrities' public and private lives. How do you draw the line between the public and the private Anoushay?

I feel celebrities now are keener on making their private lives public by over sharing than hiding! The mystery and privacy that we have heard associated to a celebrity lifestyle is just not there anymore with people sharing what they eat, wear, watch, do and say.

We're watching you these days in drama serial Prem Gali as Fariha. What should we be expecting from your character in the coming episodes?

I can’t tell you about the story (that would be giving spoilers – sorry) but Prem Gali was a different project for me altogether, it wasn’t like every other project. It was a grand project, the cast, the set, the director, there was teamwork in it, everything about it was exciting. I loved every bit of the script.

Lastly, give us an insight on your upcoming projects.

So, recently I completed shoot for Anjum Shehzad’s Abdullahpur Ka Devdas with Bilal Abbas which will be going on Zee 5, and of course, there is Raqs-e-Bismil. That’s it till the next one comes along.


Favourite cartoon character of all time?

SpongeBob SquarePants.

One thing you're exceptionally good at and one thing you're epically bad at?

Good at being honest and bad at keeping secrets.

Favourite book?

Thinking, Fast and Slow.

The three qualities that got you where you are today?

Discipline, passion, consistency.

Happiness is…

Life itself.

If you could have one super power, what would it be?


Best purchase you have ever made?

My first car.

How would you define your style sense?

Aesthetically pleasing.

One thing you would put on your bucket list?

Go sky diving.

What is the first thing you notice in someone in your first interaction with them?


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