Justin Bieber cover up his tattoos for his new music video ‘Anyone’

If you watch Justin Bieber's new Rocky-inspired music video Anyone, you'll notice something's missing. Most of the 26-year-old star's tattoos, rumoured to be more than 40, are missing in the footage. The video shows the singer sporting a blank canvas upon his neck, chest and washboard abs as he channels Rocky Balboa in boxing training and fight scenes. On Jan. 2, Bieber shared on his Instagram a video time-lapse showing him sitting in his underwear as masked makeup artists cover his upper body tattoos with makeup. He wrote, "No tats for the #Anyonevideo." The Anyone music video features Zoey Deutch as Bieber's love interest. The clip and its single were released over the New Year's holiday after Bieber's virtual New Year's Eve concert, which was filmed at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and streamed live. It marked the singer's first major official solo gig since he ended his Purpose world tour early in 2017. "Couldn't be more honoured to stand beside so many incredible people," Bieber wrote on Instagram.