Daniyal Afzal Khan joins the cast of Kinza Hashmi and Sami Khan starrer Mohlat

Joining in

This new year will bring many new dramas including Mohlat starring Sami Khan and Kinza Hashmi in the lead. The family-based drama, as described by Sami in a recent interview, has a strong and interesting supporting cast that also includes Danial Afzal Khan aka Nomi from Raaz-e-Ulfat. “This time the tables have turned and the female protagonists are not your usual beat up women,” Daniyal gave an insight in an exclusive chat. “My role is totally in contrast to Nomi and I hope and really wish that people would accept this character just as much as they did with Nomi,” he added revealing that he plays a hopeless romantic in the drama. “You cannot call it a love story,” he clarified adding that it aims to give a strong message to the audience. “It is based on something which really happens in our society but often slips our eyes very easily. The impact of such is huge and can ruin lives.” The cast also includes Bushra Ansari, Asma Abbas, and Komal Aziz Khan and others.