The New York Pizza


There are days when you just don’t want to eat anything, and then there are days when all you crave is cheese and carbs! Giving in to our cravings, my friends and I dropped by The New York Pizza. I usually avoid having pizza because the cheese hardens before you have a chance to try everything in front of you, that ruins the point of having pizza. It was my first time trying out NYP, and my experience was more than pleasant! We ordered BBQ wings, Smoky BBQ Calzone, Cavatelli Pasta, Fritza and two flavours of pizza. I really enjoyed the wings; the coating wasn’t unnecessarily hot, peppery or overly tangy, like some BBQ sauces can be. The consistency of the sauce, coating on the chicken and taste was just right. Fritza (pizza fries) was a small dish full of curly fries with the twist of pasta and chicken chunks, topped with cheese, capsicum and black olives, all dressed in a sauce. I really liked the crunch on the fries and the saucy pasta, apart from that, the pizza fries didn’t really stand out much. NYP takes pride in their calzones, so we had to try one! This Italian oven-baked folded pizza had a smoky flavour with cheese, chicken fajita, chicken pepperoni, caramelised onions and capsicums. The envelope on it was perfectly baked and soft when it arrived on our table – not dry, not crumbly. As we cut open the calzone, out came oozing the steaming hot, cheesy goodness. Although, my friend thought that the BBQ flavour in this was a tad bit too strong, I am sure this can be adjusted at the time of placing your order. The Alfredo pasta was baked with pizza crust center filled with pasta, fajita chunks and cheese. Though the pasta didn’t stand out among the other things we tried, but it is a decent dish to try.

The best part of our meal was definitely the pizza. We tried Houston Hot and Creamy Pleasure. The former was a hot and tangy flavour with lots of jalapenos and habanero sauce on it. Since I prefer my food to be spicy, I loved this flavour! Honestly, if they had just baked the pizza with veggies and the sauce, I would have had it all. The latter, as the name suggest, was a much different flavour with a creamy base. I liked this one a lot too because of the contrasting flavour profile. Since we order such different flavours together, we loved going back and forth. Of course having them hot and fresh there with the melting cheese just enhanced the ecpereince. I would definitely go back for the wings and the pizzas alone, but going by the food that we tried, more flavours by NYP need to be explored.


Having tried New York Pizza for the first time, I have got to say there were quite few things off the menu that I really liked and would recommend.


Our server Sadia was great in terms of being attentive and courteous. She catered to us without hovering over us during the entire meal, which made the experience much more comfortable.


As far as the North Nazimabad branch goes, their outdoor area is pretty decent. They have a bamboo partition up so as to shield the sitting area from road view.


The presentation is pretty basic, they believe in letting the food do all the talking. And when the pizzas taste as good as theirs, you prefer to just listen with your taste buds.


The New York Pizza is much more than a pizza joint – it is a place where the entire family can enjoy a weekend dinner out. Plus, they have got some good economical deals for a pizza night in.