Sweet Home: Season 1

  • 09 Jan - 15 Jan, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

The structure of Sweet Home, based on a comic of the same name, is more or less the same as many of the post-apocalyptic shows. We’re introduced to a group of disparate personalities, all of whom have their own struggles in lives, and then the zombies who threaten the remainder of humanity show up. These strangers have to band together to survive. Cha Hyun-soo (Song Kang) is moving into the Green Houses, a rundown apartment complex. All he has is a few pieces of clothing and his computer. He’s severely depressed and is about to jump off the roof, when he sees a beautiful girl practicing ballet nearby; her name is Lee Eun-yoo (Go Min-si), and she’s not as innocent as she looks, as we see when she curses and lights cigarettes. The next day, he walks out of his apartment when he gets a text about a package, and sees a long hand gutting his neighbour’s cat. His neighbour tries to get in, but Hyun-soo asks to see her arms; the bloodthirsty monster leaves and hurls herself at the door of his neighbour. In this iteration of the survival series, people are trapped in the grungy Green Homes, which seems to house people who display some sort of desperation or longing. That will likely play into the plot of the first season, with people stepping up.