Chef’s Table

  • 16 Jan - 22 Jan, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly
  • High Life

It is not very often that you get confused between which was your favourite part of the dinner; the ambience, the presentation, the food. Last week on a fine winter evening, we dropped by at Chef’s Table, a relatively new restaurant that has been creating buzz for the novelty it has to offer. The restaurant prides itself for being a rendezvous between classic and contemporary Pakistani cuisine, and it proved absolutely true to that. The concept is that there is a 10-course meal served in tasting portion, some of the dishes in the menu are set, some are seasonal specialties while for some you get to choose from a few options. Each dish is served showcasing jaw-dropping presentation skills, while it tastes lip-smacking too. We started with Amuse-bouche, which are bite-sized treats selected by the chef: salsa pakora chip and fried okra served in cucumber ring, both served in hand painted box. I am a bit hesitant to eat food that is of unusual colours, but the green pakora tasted really with the saucy, crunchy salsa. The combined crunch of the okra and cucumber was also quite refreshing. For our beef entrée, we selected Smoked Beef and Crispy Beef. The hard crunch on the crispy beef was excellent – this was not all that much on its own but tasted quite nice with the selection of four sauces served. The smoked beef was served on puri paratha squares and inside onion rings. The pulled beef had very soft smoky flavour to it, while all the components came together to form one tasty bite! For our chicken entrée, we opted for chargha and tikka. The former, served with rings of papad pipe full of mashed potatoes, was cooked to perfection, every bite just melted in our mouths. The latter was very well-marinated; the soft-to-touch piece had ample amount of chatpata masala to it. The specials they are serving these days are fish and prawns, which we ordered one of each. The fish was the softest I have ever had while the prawns were also well-cooked and juicy! The seafood was mildly seasoned but tasted great with the sauces.

A very interesting thing happened half way through the meal; we were served pallet cleansers to get us ready to enjoy the rest of the dishes! Out came a piece of art – a bowl that contained raspberry ice lollies plus dry ice to create white smoke. We were then served Daal Makhni with naan served in pegs on a line. The chunky, meaty daal was not my favourite course but my friend loved it. Next came my favourite part of the entire meal, the gravies! We ordered Chicken Handi and Mutton Masala – both the gravies were poles apart in taste and texture. The former was thick and creamy while the latter was chunky, sour and chatpati. I loved the mutton masala in particular; I hope they serve it as a regular main course dish! The last course before dessert was Matka Biryani with raita. The biryani was hot and spicy, just the way I like it. The best part is that it was served with potatoes, which is really the only it is supposed to be served. The quantity on this was great and the raita with chopped onions complimented the spicy rice very well, though it was less in proportion and would taste much better if it were thicker. For dessert, we were served with Kulfi, Gulab Jamun and Rabri. The presentation on this was also a sight for a food aficionado’s eyes, plus the serving size is more than enough for two persons! I could have written a few more pages in appreciation of the artists behind the taste and presentation, but all I will say is if you are looking to try out a new place, your search has come to a wonderful ending!


The restaurant hits the bull eye with the dishes, whether they are traditional Pakistani or contemporary. Some of the dishes truly left us wanting more. 


With a task like serving a 10-course meal, the service cannot be anything but top notch. Our server was really attentive, and did a great job of even guiding us on how to devour some of the courses properly.


Candle-lit dinner, space aglow with fairy lights and Karachi winters – what more could you ask of the night, really? 


There were dishes where presentation won the game over taste, not in a bad way though. Dinner at Chef’s table is an experience and a half! 


Chef’s Table is more about experiencing quality food in a uniquely fancy way. It might feel like something you can’t afford too often, but this is one experience that is worth it! That grand outing that you can afford only once a month? This is it.