Humayun Saeed

Happy birthday Mehwish! Wishing and praying for your good health and continued success. May you continue to conquer hearts, rule the screens and shine the brightest, always @MehwishHayat

Kubra Khan Official

Again and again and again! As if the global pandemic just isn’t enough to cause grief... Now this? Can humans some humanity to the least? How can we let heartbreaking plight of the Hazara community go ignored? Heart breaking…

Adnan Siddiqui

The warmth and love I get here more than makes up for the cold of Islamabad. Bonfire, piping hot kebabs and a bit of work, loving every bit of our capital. #lovewinter


Well, we’ve just gone into a six weeks National Lockdown again. I knew that I should’ve ordered those art supplies! *sigh*

Ahsan Khan

The country which has called other nation’s elections bankrupt and banana republic. The country which served as the world's policemen in their own mind needs policing today! What shame #CapitolHill #WashingtonDC