Award winning short film ‘Lambee Raat’ is a dark comedy you need to tune into now!

Short of the week

A great dark comedy can hit the funny bone of viewers whilst tugging at their heartstrings. It can invoke laughter with its absurdity while making viewers uneasy with its dark, twisted, and/or socially unacceptable themes. One such flick is the award winning short film Lambee Raat, starring Saleem Miraj and Kissa Zehra in the lead. Lambee Raat won its First Judges Award at the digital platform and short film festival DICE CAM 2018. The dark comedy film hilariously touches the taboo topic of what the most anticipated first night of a married couple looks like in a desi household. It follows the story of a very innocent groom who wants to meet his bride at the first night, but what follows is a fun and full of bewilderment long night. The film is written by Ammar Chisthi and directed by Syed Ramil Ahsan.