Off-duty Chic

  • 16 Jan - 22 Jan, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fashion

In the world of fashion buzzwords, one bandied around on the daily basis is “contemporary.” Where the apparel with a designer aesthetic and more accessible price with modern cuts, have become one of the biggest areas people spend their money. If you have this overwhelming urge to upgrade your styling notion of daily wear: Enter contemporary fashion. Not only it will allow you to up your designer arsenal without forcing you to splurge like anything, but the pieces are also constructed by keeping everyday wear in mind.

Like this red kurta which is enhanced with a print, pair it with some chunky jewellery and you’re good to go. Not to mention that a little style still boast that oh-so-coveted designer aesthetic and quality craftsmanship, perfect if you’re looking to break away from the usual suspects in fashion. Like this dark blue pleated shirt with an embroidered neckline. Want to add a quirky element to the outfit? Pair it with printed bell bottoms. An all-white outfit is always a good idea, always! Work on the detailing and completion of the look by adding colourful jewellery pieces and matching khussas. A striped kurta with a printed tulip shalwar and contrasting accessories makes it up for a casual yet chic look. Whimsical designs that can be effortlessly integrated into a modern wardrobe, without sacrificing the comfort is all we need while dressing up.

• Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
• Styling: Aatika Majid
• Hair & Makeup: Angie’s Salon
• Photography: Mohsin Zaidi
• Featuring: Zooni Sheikh