Thank you, Mr Kemal Tekdin and the team of #TekdinFilms – the name behind #Ertugul for visiting us. It was as much a pleasure for Pakistan to extend our hospitality and warmth to you. We hope to see you again soon. May the Pakistan-Turkey ties grow stronger. @KemalTekden

Adnan Siddiqui showed immense pleasure in hosting the Turkish delegation from their entertainment industry who visited Pakistan. We might as well see some collaboration in future among the artists from both the countries.

The night came to an end of hosting the Pakistan Sports Awards. Well done @agentHAQ for recognising the athletes and sports personalities across the board and congratulations to all the winners especially the ones from my cricketing fraternity.

Zainab Abbas had the honour of hosting the Pakistan Sports Awards recently. She also congratulated all the athletes and people from every sports field who came out as winners of the night.

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle" – Plato. Kudos to the incredible Dr Omar Atiq - your unmatched compassion does us very proud! #Pakistan

Farhan Saeed is all praises for Dr Omar Atiq a Pakistani-American oncologist who founded a cancer treatment center in Arkansas and wiped away a debt of $650,000 from 200 of his patients with cancer as a Christmas present.