Nadia Jamil is all set to return to TV after winning her battle against cancer

Coming back stronger!

Cancer has touched most of our lives, whether we’ve battled it ourselves or have supported loved ones who were fighting it. It’s no surprise that many celebrities have also grappled with their own cancer diagnoses. In the face of these struggles, however, they’ve often been generous enough to use their fame to help spread awareness about early detection, or simply to provide words of encouragement and inspiration for others. One such celebrity is actress Nadia Jamil who has always shared joy and positivity even during tough times. Nadia was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent many surgeries and chemotherapies. But now, Nadia is thankfully out of danger and is healthy enough to make a comeback in the entertainment industry and grace our screens with her awe-inspiring acting skills. The actress took to her social media to reveal the news and said, “Getting my hair back. I guess I’ll be needing it to get back into acting on desi TV again.”