What’s the best skincare routine for oily skin?

To balance oily skin, wash your face 2-3 times a day preferably with a salicylic acid face wash. A homemade mask with fuller’s earth and lime juice used twice a week also helps. Oral supplements of Zinc and Vitamin A help in controlling the oiliness of the skin too.

What kind of moisturiser is the best for someone who has dry skin and pimples?

You need a moisturising agent that is non-comedogenic so that your pimples do not increase. A moisturiser containing hyaluronic acid-base or serums that are oil-free would be good for you. Use creams containing either 0.1 per cent clindamycin or salicylic acid to help heal the acne.

How to revive the softness and shine on my skin?

Exfoliate your skin. This will help remove the build-up of dead skin cells which may cause your skin to lose its glow. You can use any DIY mask for this purpose. Regular exercise increases the rush of blood to our skin which in-turn contributes to a healthy appearance. Keep your skin moisturised and make sure you follow a healthy lifestyle.

How can I treat dark patches on the neck?

Dark patches on the neck (pseudo acanthosis nigricans) need weight reduction and can be lightened with some professional peels like lactic acid, glycolic acid, kojic acid. In the meantime, use creams containing kojic acid and vitamin C at bedtime.

Do I need different products for morning and evening?

The simple answer? No. (Other than adding a makeup remover to your nighttime routine.) We are a proponent of keeping it simple. As long as your daily moisturiser is working (not causing more problems you’re trying to combat) and normal cleanser is not irritating your eyes with rinsing, it’s fine for use and you don’t need to invest in more specialty products, which have varying levels of success in general. Dermatologists love to see as few products as possible being applied to your skin.

Are serums really necessary?

Serums are an integral part of the skin-care routine. Because they contain smaller molecules, serums are able to penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver a higher concentration of active ingredients. Antioxidants such as vitamin C or green tea restore collagen, fight against free-radical damage, and brighten the complexion.