• 30 Jan - 05 Feb, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

You may not be a spy or aspire to be a spy, but Spycraft is certainly something you may be interested in. It makes sense; the most creative minds figure out different ways of collecting intelligence and stay undetected. A new Netflix docuseries examines different ways of countries that spy on each other. It is an eight-part docuseries that examines the ways countries have spied on each other and gathered intelligence over the decades. Different methods are examined in each episode, from poisoning enemies to good old covert operations. Stock footage is combined with reenactments and expert interviews to paint the picture of how intelligence-gathering has changed in a lot of ways over the years, but in many ways it’s the same. The first episode discusses High-tech surveillance, including different bugging devices that have been used by the U.S., Russia and China over the years. The level of creativity and ingenuity displayed is remarkable, from a microphone planted into an ambassador’s shoe to a listening device that required no electricity to work. Spycraft just sticks to facts, and that’s what makes the show so refreshing to watch. It’s not interested in making things more dramatic. It relies on the facts and does so in a compact, fast-moving pace that keeps the viewers engaged.