Bling Empire

  • 30 Jan - 05 Feb, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Bling Empire is a reality series that follows around a group of Asian-Americans around Los Angeles that are among the richest in a city where a lot of people have money. Some of the people are self-made, while others are part of families who have generational wealth. But, like most reality series of this ilk, the people in it are so rich; they seem to have all the time in the world to take on grudges over things that seem pretty trivial. Kevin Kreider, a model who moved from Philadelphia, where he was one of the few Asians he knew. One of the first people he met in L.A. is Kane Lim, whose family has a number of business interests, among the massive real estate in Singapore. We then meet Christine Chiu, whose husband, Andrew, is a plastic surgeon. Seemingly down-to-earth given her situation, she shows her colours when she takes over Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills to throw a Lunar New Year party. Kelly Mi Li has lived the luxurious life, until her husband was arrested for a cybercrime scandal. Many others characters are then introduced. The formula that makes Bling Empire a familiar one to anyone who’s a fan of reality shows that generate disputes between those cast members over seemingly trivial, superficial matters.