When will We PAKISTANIS. Be enough for our own country. Why can’t we support our own for once? Our own language, etiquettes, Sports teams, Media, Education system. We water another’s plant & complain about ours not growing. It doesn’t work like that...its basic common sense.

Kubra Khan schools the people to support what we Pakistanis are capable of. She shared her views in the light of a recent incident where the owners of a restaurant publicly humiliate their own team member for not speaking English properly.

Cannot hold my excitement and calm my nerves anymore!!!! Eeeeh!!! #Banjaaray my song will be out this Friday! Don’t miss out on my performance only on #KashmirBeats #singer #zhalay

Zhalay Sarhadi couldn’t contain her excitement on the release of her first song as a singer in a brand new show called Kashmir Beats, where actors are showing their versatility in the genre of singing.

Eyesight is one of the biggest blessings of Allah. It is an honour that I can lend my voice and support to LRBT to help make the dream of sight possible for so many. Please donate to this worthy cause. #goodwill #ambassador #humbled #lrbt

Ahsan Khan considered it as an honour for being associated with an organisation that works tirelessly for the betterment of people in terms of working towards making their dream of having healthy eyesight possible.