Climatic change in our country is not only affecting our health but also affecting our eyes. In winter we not only use extra lotions to keep our hands smooth and soft but we also carry a lip balm for chapped lips. Because of drier weather in winter due to heaters and radiators our eyes tear film gets instable and causes dry eyes. Some of the unpleasant symptoms of winter dry eyes are:

1• Stinging and burning

2• Feeling like sand in eyes

3• Mucous around your eyes

4• Redness

5• Excessive tearing and blurry vision

To cope up such issues, we should use humidifiers at our homes and lubricant eye drops. If your symptoms do not improve, see a doctor.

For a healthy lifestyle in winter and making your eyes comfortable, follow these tips for your comfort zone:

1• Stay away from direct heat

2• Wear protective eye goggles especially while riding a motorcycle (UV protected)

3• Keep eye drops handy (Lubricants)

4• Consume Omega-3 oils (Salmon fish, walnuts, seeds, soya bean oil)

5• Blink excessively

6• Drink excessive water, at least eight glasses daily

7• Keep your eyes clean

8• Avoid snow contact with your eyes