An African American male is imprisoned and placed in solitary confinement after being found guilty of murdering his wife, as he's haunted by internal demons and his dead wife, and pushed to the breaking point by an abusive female guard.

Gnome Alone
Kid’s movie

Chole discovers garden gnomes in her new housing and finds out their little secret. She has to make a choice whether to team up with the gnomes in their mysterious battle.

The Three Deaths of Marisela Escobedo

Follows a mother's tireless crusade to jail her daughter's murderer after Mexico's justice system failed to do so.

Pete Davidson: Alive From New York
Standup comedy

Comedian and SNL star Pete Davidson drops a candid and intimate stand-up special shot live in New York City.

The Weeknd: The Highlights
Music album

The Highlights is the second greatest hits album by Canadian singer The Weeknd. It was released on February 5, 2021. The track list is composed of songs from his three Billboard 200 number one studio albums: Beauty Behind the Madness, Starboy, and After Hours, his debut mixtape House of Balloons, his EP My Dear Melancholy, and his two co-lead collaborations Love Me Harder and Pray for Me, with Ariana Grande and Kendrick Lamar respectively.