• 06 Feb - 12 Feb, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Prince Phillipe Charming (Wilmer Valderrama) has it all. The young prince is engaged to be married to Cinderella (Ashley Tisdale), Sleeping Beauty (G.E.M.) and Snow White (Avril Lavigne), all dames he met while saving them in the ways we now know by heart; with a glass slipper. All three princesses seem to think they’ve gotten their happily ever after, but that kind of doe-eyed ignorance can only last so long. Phillipe hasn’t quite figured out how he’s going to deal with this mess, and on top of everything else, he’s been cursed with winning the hearts of every woman who dare look him in the eye. If he doesn’t find true love before his 21st birthday, all love will disappear. So, when slippery thief Lenore (Demi Lovato) appears and immediately seems to steal his heart, he’s more than a little intrigued. Lenore, on thin ice with just about everyone for stealing their stuff, sees a way out: if she takes the prince to Fire Mountain (where he must choose one of the three princesses to marry), she’ll be rewarded by the princesses guardians. Movies like these really make you appreciate what Disney puts out but Charming seems just as naive as its lead characters are.