Waiting For the Night Song

Forestry researcher Cadie Kessler is called home to face a long-buried secret in Waiting for the Night Song by Julie Carrick Dalton. For decades, Cadie has been trying to forget the events of one night that left the innocence of her childhood shattered and brought her friendship with Daniela Garcia to an end. Now, she has no choice but to return home to save the land she loves and finally deal with the ghosts of her past.


Through meticulous research, psychologist Ethan Kross has written Chatter, a book that tackles the science behind negative self-talk and teaches readers how to harness their inner voice for good. This non-fiction ode to not only listening to your inner voice, but also training it to stop being so hypercritical is the perfect read to kick off.

Bride of the Sea

Eman Quotah's Bride of the Sea is the story of a young woman caught between cultures and her parents. After her parents' divorce, Hanadi's mother disappears with her, leaving her father to search for his missing child for years. Once Hanadi is old enough to know the truth, she must reckon not only with the choices her parents made, but what they mean for her and her future.