Naumaan Ijaz talks about payment issues faced by producers and actors in the industry

Shocking revelation

Naumaan Ijaz is considered as one the of biggest television stars in the industry. But actors even like him are facing payment issues. The Dunk actor raised the payment issue faced by many actors during a recent interview. The host asked the actor, “Is it the only way to come on social media and shame and blame people to ask for the payments?” On which he replied, “What can I say about other people, my own payments are due from years and such big channels are not paying the actors. I have a payment of almost five crores due with one channel and almost 2.5 crores with another.” He further added, “No producer helps any actor in such a situation because their own system is running, he said during Covid-19 broadcasters blackmailed the producers to give projects on due time, and the producers pressurised actors to work or they will block list them which means the future of the actors will be ruined.”