Zodiac makeup

Check your beauty vibe based on your star sign
  • 13 Feb - 19 Feb, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

Whether you're really into horoscopes, or simply read your astrology update for fun, it's nice to know if your stars align with your actual interests – even in makeup trends. The new year is the perfect time to get out of a beauty rut, and dip your feet into a different beauty trend. Sure, you could choose your makeup look based on your skin tone, or whatever most recently caught your eye on your Instagram feed. Or you could take it to a whole new level of personalisation by tailoring it to your astrological sign. Ahead, see what it looks like when you choose the latter and find out which makeup look your planets want you to try. Read on:

Aries – All that glow

Adventurous, confident, determined and energetic, this fire sign burns bright with passion. You love the bold and the bright and won't shy away from trying a makeup trend that others might find daunting. You need a makeup look that blazes a trail, just like you. So, embrace something with extra glow this year – dab it on your eyelids or swipe it over your pout to try a glitter lip, whatever floats your boat. Trust us, this is a trend you'll be seeing it everywhere.

Taurus – Timeless and classic

Reliable, practical, loving and unshakable, rather than something too offbeat, Taurueans favour styles that are chic and timeless. Like this minimalistic eye and classic red lip combo. It’s cool, pretty and will never go out of fashion. Also, take the leap and try a set of natural-looking lash extensions this year. They'll save you the trouble of applying and taking off mascara every day, and help you look put together right from the minute you open your eyes. You know that beautiful, doe-eyed look that's all over your social media feeds? That's what we're talking about, because long lashes are never out of fashion.

Gemini – Gem eyes

Bubbly, affectionate, curious, smart and fun, Geminis are more likely to experiment with creative makeup looks. They're the type that will smudge on an OTT colour and make it look instantly wearable. That's why they won't just stick to what's in their makeup bag and will look elsewhere for inspiration. And what better than a standout eye makeup look to channel that even more? With minimal makeup becoming the new norm, bold statements like this thrown-on scattered gem-in-eye look (see what we did there) are a perfect fit.

Cancer – Warm and natural

Understanding, empathetic, loyal and intuitive, Cancerian's are thoughtful girl-next door types. This laidback, peachy-toned look is pretty, approachable and perfect for their personalities. Sweep an apricot blush over cheeks (you can use the same shade on your eyes) and opt for a warm, silky peach-melba shade on lips.

Leo – Fierce glam

Charismatic, entertaining, confident and proud, inside every Leo is a fierce lioness, which means a sultry glam look is the only way to go. Leos are into all things that gleam. This dramatic sign believes that they must go bold or go home; they love all gold, all the time. Shimmery gold shadow and a bit of gold highlighter on the cheekbones and décolletage is what every Leo girl craves. For a fiercer look, Leo’s would sculpt lashes by coaxing them outward at the edge for a more feline shape, groom brows, contour like they mean it and use a gloss to highlight lips. In short, they’ll just go full glam!

Virgo – Immaculate liner

Organised, clever, hard-working, considerate and meticulous, Virgos suit a makeup look that's as pulled-together and slick as their personality. If something smudges or is out of place, it'll come straight off so they can do it again perfectly. This ultra precise liner is beautiful and orderly, so Virgos can breathe a sigh of relief.

Libra – Deep and romantic

Charming, social, diplomatic and tactful, Libras are naturally alluring and suit something romantic. Libras are drawn to one specific colour: They're all about pretty in pink and pink is almost synonymous to romance. But Libras have also been known to branch out a little. Baby blue is also a classic Libra fave.

Scorpio – Slick and smokey liner

Outwardly composed, inwardly emotional, determined and powerful, Scorpios are both strong and soft. This eye makeup look is perfect – the liner is slick and fierce, but it's softened with the hazy cloud of blue shadow. Sexy but sweet.

Sagittarius – Cut-out neon liner

Adventurous, free-spirited, ambitious and intelligent, Sagittarius' are confident to follow their own tastes rather than the trends which means no look is off limits. You'll regularly see them switch up a classic look with a fresh new spin, incorporating new shades and shapes. The more adventurous, the better – they're never ones to let fear or doubts break their stride and will choose colours that reflect this relentless optimism. Case in point: this cut-out neon liner. Speaking of no limits, another beauty trend you should try in 2021 is lilac hair. It's all over Instagram and shows no sign of going anywhere, and you can ask your hair colourist to suggest a colour code that'll work for your skin tone.

Capricorn – Pretty and practical

Driven, loyal, practical and independent, Capricorns like to consider all the options before they make a decision – and it's unlikely to be anything too edgy. Capricorns are the true classics of the zodiac. They like tried-and-true looks and colours, anything that can take them from day to night. A slightly smoky eye with nude lips is a safe bet that's still effortlessly chic.

Aquarius – Undone and natural

Unconventional, creative, perceptive and smart, Aquarius' are progressive non-conformists. The same goes for their makeup. Though they're on top of the trends, they won't let that dictate their choices. Instead of submitting their makeup to rules and regulations, they're drawn to colours, textures and shapes that suit their mood.

Pisces – Soft and fresh

Compassionate, intuitive, caring and faithful, Pisces' personalities suit a softer makeup look – nothing too graphic or stark. Aries are considered the mystical mermaids of the zodiac, and they're drawn to luminescent shades. That said, a gentle colour palette of warm blushes and golds is a perfect fit with a subtle slick of eye liner and freshly-balmed lips.