I am a 30 years old woman. I have got gluten intolerance. However, after eating low-gluten products I don’t feel very good. What could be the reason for this please?

Many people who are gluten intolerant opt for the gluten free products that are available in most shops and supermarkets now. Unfortunately, just because something is gluten free doesn't always mean it is healthy and many of these products can contain high amounts of sugar and other simple carbohydrates, it may well be that you are suffering an energy slump after eating due to the impact of the sugar in the products. Try to look for gluten free foods that are low in sugar and have some whole grains in them as this should help. Also ensure you eat protein alongside, so a boiled egg with your gluten free toast or some chicken with oatcakes as this should help slow down the carbohydrate release. If you still feel unwell after eating gluten free foods then you may need to consider whether you are reacting to any of the other ingredients and consider whether there may be further food intolerances occurring.

How many times in a day should a person eat following a healthy diet?

We always recommend people to eat three meals per day at regular times, this ensures your blood sugar remains stable and you don't end up with energy dips and cravings. You may find that you prefer to have a large breakfast followed by a light lunch, that's fine as long as the body is receiving a good level of nutrients at regular times then you should feel healthy and energised. In respect of snacks, if you feel the need to add in snacks then again do so at regular intervals between meals and make sure that these are healthy and balanced.