Ian Somerhalder thinks a Vampire Diaries reboot is out of question

On Sirius XM's Radio Andy, host Andy Cohen brought up the possibility of reviving the beloved CW series, asking, "[There are] rumours circling online that it could come back for a ninth season, but that the decision is up to you and Nina. Any truth to that?" Before fans could get too excited, Ian shut down the idea of returning to his role as Damon. "I have not heard anything about a season nine," he stated. And it wouldn't be all that realistic to revisit a world in which Damon and Elena aren't vampires, which was the entire premise of the show. As fans will recall, they both ended the series having taken the cure for vampirism and were ready to embark on a life as newlyweds. Not to mention, Stefan (Paul Wesley) finally passed on to the afterlife. Ian also wondered why they would need to reboot the series especially when it continues to be a success on streaming platforms. He remarked, "Now, it's still living. That's what's so amazing."