Huawei’s new foldable phone is coming out by the end of February


Huawei will announce a new flagship foldable phone later this month, according to a post on the company’s official page. Based on the name, the Mate X2 sounds like it should be a more substantial followup to the original Mate X than Huawei’s last foldable phone, the faster and slightly tweaked Mate XS. Unless Huawei is being deliberately cryptic, the teaser image for the Mate X2 actually suggests that the phone could possibly switch to a different folding screen design with the flexible panel on the inside, like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold line. Otherwise, there’s not much in the way of details on the Mate X2 yet. It’s likely that it’ll have the same Kirin 9000 processor found in the Mate 40 Pro, and of course Huawei probably still won’t be able to include Google apps and services on board, limiting the device’s viability outside of China unless something changes unexpectedly. Huawei’s hardware is always worth paying attention to, though, so stay tuned for more news and details.

Amazon’s next headquarters is a unique glass premises covered in trees

Amazon has unveiled the design for the next portion of its Arlington, Virginia headquarters, and one building stands out far from the rest: a swirling glass tower covered in trees that rise to a point above the rest of the city’s skyline. Amazon calls the building “the Helix” because its shape is supposed to take inspiration from “the natural beauty of a double helix.” On the outside, there’ll be two sets of spiraling paths dotted with local plants that you’ll literally be able to hike up. The building will be 350 feet tall, according to The Wall Street Journal. Amazon says that it plans to offer public tours on weekends. The building and surrounding campus were designed by the architecture firm NBBJ. Along with the Helix, Amazon also unveiled plans for the campus around it. It’s planning to construct three 22-story buildings around the Helix. The company is planning to make room for retail stores and restaurants, and, of course, food trucks. Construction is now underway on a pair of 22-story towers.