Imran Ashraf is all praises for the models of the fashion week

Lifting each other up!

In our current aesthetic-obsessed world, it’s easier than ever to let insecurity, jealousy, or even animosity get the best of us – especially when we’re bombarded with never-ending images of other people’s success on a daily basis (thanks, Instagram). And don’t even get us started on the celebrity news cycle, which mostly thrives on pitting stars against one another. That’s why it’s worth noting when influential, empowered stars vocalise their genuine admiration for other stars – which, luckily, is something we have no shortage of these days. Recently, the annual Bridal Couture Week 2021 was held with actors walking the ramp along with the models. One such actor that walked the ramp at the star-studded fashion week was Imran Ashraf. Ashraf is a living, breathing embodiment of the concept that other people's success isn’t your failure – it can (and should) be your successes, too. He openly praised, and complimented the models that are the real highlight of the runway. He said, “This applause is solely for the models of the fashion week; you deserve all the credit for making the show successful. They are the real players of ramp shows. The celebrities are just mere guests at such events; it’s the models who are the real kings and queens who deserve all the appreciation.”