What are some of the best ways students can make themselves stand out in their job applications?

Be specific in the way you describe the job experiences you have had and how these experiences and roles demonstrate a quality you can bring to the table to your next role. Use action verbs to help you speak directly to the skills you possess. Make it clear that you have done your research about the job you're applying to and the organisation. Connect the dots between your past experiences, current skills, and the job to which you are applying. For example, how is your last successful project you completed translatable to the prospective project you would be expected to complete at this prospective job? The clearer you can bridge what you have done to the specific qualities and job functions listed for the job, the greater chance you will have of standing out.

Should I accept a job offer even if I am unsure it is something I would want to do long term?

There is no definitive yes or no here. Before accepting a job offer, ask for time. During whatever time you have before needing to provide an answer, think through your uncertainty. On the other hand, you also don't want to take something that is completely unrelated and only meets lower-priority needs (e.g., just taking a job to feel like you have something to fill your time is not a good enough reason). What can you gain from this job, is this job in line with your values? Can you bridge the skills and learning you may acquire in this prospective job to your long-term career goal? If so, then it may be worthwhile seeing this next job as a valuable stepping stone. However, if you are not interested in the job or cannot see relevance to your long-term goals, then it may not be a good fit.