Why is my skin still dry? I’m always moisturising!

There are two answers to this question, and we’re willing to bet that every dry skinned girl or guy falls into one of two categories. The first: If you’re not exfoliating, there’s no way for moisturiser to penetrate through layers of dead skin cells and be effective. The second: You’re using the wrong moisturiser for your skin type.

Can face oil replace moisturiser?

If you’re dealing with dry or dehydrated skin then a face oil is a brilliant add-on to your routine. Plant-based oils are nourishing and lock hydration into the skin. If your complexion likes oils, then be sure to take a moment to massage it into your face using upward strokes to boost circulation. A moisturiser will often boast more active ingredients – you can layer both (oil on top of cream) or even mix the oil into your moisturiser.

How can I shrink enlarged pores?

When our skin produces too much oil, it forces its way through our pores stretching the walls and making them look larger. Cleanse thoroughly and use a charcoal mask to mop up excess oil once a week, but be sure to keep skin hydrated as a lack of moisture will send your oil production into overdrive. Lean on anti-ageing ingredients; any products containing hyaluronic acid that plump the skin will also help pores appear smaller (just make sure they’re not too rich in texture). And keep blotting papers in your handbag, to keep oil at bay throughout the day.

What’s the best beauty treatment for acne scars?

There are many ways to treat acne scars, all of which can be combined to achieve the best possible results. These include:

• Skin needling

• Fraxel laser treatment

• Micro needling

• Regular exfoliation and use of a home roller

• Use of a Vitamin A cream with between 0.25 and two per cent concentration

• Chemical peels