It is an excellent initiative by the Ministry of Information Technology to develop the animation industry. Pakistan certainly has tremendous potential in animation and this will definitely create many opportunities for the youth.

Humayun Saeed is all praises for the initiative taken by the Ministry of Information Technology along with ISPR for the development and promotion of the animation industry in Pakistan.

I don’t know what the fuss is about? I loved the new #PSLAnthem2021. This is what stifles creativity in our country; we want more of the same and not prepared to accept anything different. This bashing has to stop. Well done PSL!

Mehwish Hayat schools the people not to bash the efforts of artists and learn to appreciate the content which is different. The reaction came as the nation seems divided since the release of the anthem for PSL’s sixth edition.

Not many of us knew the extent of the greatness achieved by #AliSadpara for his country. Please bring to the front ALL our heroes who live their dream everyday never getting the admiration and respect they deserve.

As the nation continues to pray for missing ace mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara, who along with his team mates was on his journey for the K2 Winter Expedition 2021, Anoushey Ashraf stresses it is about time that we should start acknowledging the accomplishments of our national heroes.

Can people please stop shooting/poisoning stray animals! This world wasn’t just created for you alone. Shelters and citizens are trying their best only to find that someone has poisoned their strays.

Mansha Pasha shows her utter anger and disappointment over recent incidents surfacing all over social media of poisoning and shooting stray animals.