Hache: Season 2

  • 20 Feb - 26 Feb, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Hache, a crime drama from Spain, puts Hache (or Helena) at the top of the crime scene in Barcelona in the 1960s. Hache (Adriana Ugarte) inherits a nightclub, a cement factory and more from her lead-filled former lover Malpica. Hache could cash it all in, take the money and run. But she has a taste for selling drugs now, and her ambition drives her to go after more and more power. Nobady could believe but Helena set up a shop in Barcelona. She reopened the nightclub, built a lab to produce drugs, and found a way to get it shipped out of the country. She made a profit for herself and the bosses above her. It should all be good for Helena and her crew, but people kept getting killed accidentally or on purpose. People double cross and betray Helena. The cop Alejandro Vinuesa (Eduardo Noriega) is obsessed with Helena. He gets fired from the police (twice) for crossing the line in his pursuit of various crimes he knows came out of her nightclub. But he won’t give up. He causes her so much trouble. Helena has two kids now; her friend Camino (Núria Prims) helps care for the children. There’s a new singer in the club in season two. Mirta (Anna Moliner) has a subplot of her own around addiction. Anna Moliner sings like an angel and the band is very good. Good music is one of the most enjoyable features of this series.