Invisible City

  • 20 Feb - 26 Feb, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Shows with mythical creatures that align with traditional folklore, have become a staple of streaming TV lately. Brazilian folklore is full of mythical creatures, so it’s not a surprise that there’s now a Netflix series on them. After the older of the two men gets a flaming spear in the back, the younger of the two sees the “fire person”. Then we flash to the present, where an older man named Ciço (José Dumont) is telling a group of kids, including a little girl named Luna, about a mythical creature called a Curupira, who protects the forest’s creatures. Luna is at a festival in Toré Village with her mother Gabriela (Julia Konrad). She’s an activist who has been trying to keep the fishing village from the clutches of developers. Gabriela wishes her husband, Eric (Marco Pigossi) was there, but he’s working on his latest case as a member of the Environmental Police. There’s a fire in the woods, which Luna walks towards. When everyone’s alerted to it, Gabriela runs in to rescue her. Eric is called in and finds Luna, but is devastated to see that Gabriela died trying to rescue their daughter. A month later, Eric goes back to work. His captain tells Eric the case was closed, with the fire being deemed an accident. He goes home early, but has to deal with Luna, who is still in deep grief over her mother’s death.

– Compilation