The Four Winds

Bestselling author Kristin Hannah is back with a new emotional epic, The Four Winds. This time, Hannah is transporting readers to the Dust Bowl era, where a woman named Elsa Wolcott struggles to keep her family afloat as the United States spirals into a devastating depression.

The Kindest Lie

Racial tensions in a small Indiana town come to a head in Nancy Johnson's The Kindest Lie. The story follows Ruth, a woman who can't fully move forward with her life until she confronts her past, as she returns home and befriends a young white boy who feels just as lost as she does.

My Year Abroad

Chang-rae Lee's latest novel, My Year Abroad, may also be his best to date. The story follows Tiller, a young American with little ambition, whose entire life is changed by a Chinese American entrepreneur named Pong Lou. Not long after they meet, Pong and Tiller embark on a tour across Asia that opens Tiller's eyes to the world around him.