The Crew

  • 27 Feb - 05 Mar, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

When you hear that Kevin James is starring in a sitcom, you think that it’ll be a competent show with a good cast, but will mostly be funny. But then his inherent charm and comedic timing will connect with you and you’ll let out a big laugh. That’s exactly what happened in the first episode of The Crew. Kevin has been with the NASCAR race team owned by Bobby Spencer (Bruce McGill) for 25 years, and he keeps the tight-knit crew going. But the team hasn’t won a lot lately, evidenced by Jake crashing in the first lap of his last race. But he feels that the team, who includes master mechanic Chuck (Gary Williams), engineer Amir (Dan Ahdoot) and his best friend, office manager Beth (Sarah Stiles), is the best around. Bobby has decided to retire, and he’s putting his daughter Catherine (Jillian Mueller) in charge. It becomes apparent that Catherine wants to put her own stamp on the team, especially because their performance has been lagging of late. Kevin, of course, thinks everything is fine, and they are just going through a bit of a lull. Catherine’s first decision is to talk to a female driver named Jesse (Paris Berelc). In order to protect Jake, Kevin proposes a race off, where the best lap time wins.