• 27 Feb - 05 Mar, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Capitani is a show that was created and shot in the European country of Luxembourg. The opening shot shows an ambulance approaching a crime scene at a construction site, where a body has been unearthed, wrapped in a rug. A judicial police inspector Luc Capitani (Luc Schlitz) is asked to investigate about the body that has been found in the nearby woods. At the scene, he encounters a local police officer Joe Mores (Joe Dennenwald). He also meets the small force there that hasn’t even taped off a perimeter, and Elsa Ley (Sophie Mousel) seems to be the most competent of the group. The body is of a 15-year-old girl whose ID says is named Jenny Engel (Jil Devresse). We see Tessy Kinch (Claude De Demo) and her husband Rob Berens (Raoul Schlechter) starting their day; he’s a bit distraught that the high school where he works won’t keep him on, but those concerns are overlaid by the fact that Tessy’s twin daughters Jenny and Tanja (Devresse) didn’t come home the night before. They figured they were sleeping over with friends. They both go to work, but when Tessy finds out that the girls never showed up at school, she calls the twins’ father, Mick (Jules Werner) to see if they were with him. Then she sees an ambulance and dashes out to follow it. After the grisly discovery, which puts the grieving Tessy in the hospital, Capitani decides to stay in town for a few days, and recruits Ley and Mores to be on his team. He not only has to investigate Jenny’s death, but Tanja is missing, as well.