YouTube is shifting to a new model, won’t reopen remaining creator Spaces


YouTube’s permanent Spaces locations, which were designed to offer resources and networking opportunities to its creators, won’t reopen after the pandemic, the company has confirmed. Instead, YouTube says it’s shifting to a hybrid model that will combine pop-up locations with virtual events. The Spaces that won’t be re-opening are in Berlin, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Rio, and Tokyo. Although it was the pandemic that pushed YouTube towards a virtual model, the shift away from permanent Spaces has been underway for at least a couple of years. Back in 2019, TubeFilter reported that the company was moving towards a reliance on temporary pop-up locations to give it the flexibility to serve creators across a wider area. YouTube’s mix of virtual events and pop-up locations has already reached tens of thousands of creators, according to the company. It says that last year it ran over a thousand virtual events that were attended by over 70,000 people across 145 countries. Meanwhile, since 2016, its 45 pop-up events have reached over 15,000 creators across more than 20 cities.