Amelia Hamlin responds to accusations of ‘blackfishing’ in her recent Instagram photos

Amelia Hamlin responded to accusations of "blackfishing" after a series of photos she shared on social media sparked controversy. In the pictures, her skin tone appears darker than in her other recent photos. She captioned the post, "whiplash got me like...." Though the comments are now turned off for this post, she took to her Instagram Story to share that she received negative comments about the photos, which accused her of "blackfishing." The term refers to when non-Black individuals use makeup to create the look that make them look Black or more racially ambiguous. In this case, it was Amelia's darkened complexion that made some question her intentions. The star, who is dating Scott Disick, wrote on her Story, "I’m receiving a lot of comments in regards to my latest photo. I am being told that I am 'black fishing' – thank you all for educating me on this topic. I recently went on vacation in the sun, and with my Italian heritage I tan very easily." She continued, "There is no self tanner involved. Or intention of looking darker than my own natural skin colour."