Zendaya and Tom Holland are trolling their fans over Spider-Man 3's title

April fool’s day is still a month away, but don't tell that to the cast of the upcoming Spider-Man movie. Tom Holland (who plays Peter Parker), Zendaya (MJ) and Jacob Batalon (Ned Leeds), three stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe film franchise, took to Instagram to each share an exclusive still from the highly anticipated film. The three images show their characters exploring some type of spooky building. The three performers all claimed to be revealing the film's title, but each of their posts offered a different option. Tom's post claimed that the film is called Spider-Man: Phone Home and included the caption, "So excited to announce the new Spider-Man title. Can't wait for you lot to see what we have been up to." Meanwhile, Jacob's supposed moniker was Spider-Man: Home-Wrecker. Finally, Zendaya claimed the title was Spider-Man: Home Slice, perhaps winking at the fact that Peter delivers pizza in the comics. Regardless of the actual title, the Spider-Man film is set for release on Dec. 17, 2021.