Nevenka: Breaking The Silence

  • 20 Mar - 26 Mar, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

In the U.S., stories of sexual harassment of women by their powerful male bosses have been proliferating for decades. The more sensationalist stories, involving high-profile men, continue to proliferate. But, in Spain, a woman accusing her powerful boss of harassment was unheard of until as recently as 2000. In that case, Nevenka Fernández sued her boss, the mayor of a small city in León province and went public with his harassment. Twenty years later, she’s speaking out about the details of the harassment for the first time. In 2000, Nevenka reported that Rodríguez, her boss, had been sexually harassing her and threatening her because she kept rebuffing his advances. In 2001, she resigned and filed suit against Rodríguez, the first suit of its kind in Spain. In Nevenka: Breaking The Silence, Nevenka talks at length for the first time about the case since her resignation 20 years ago. The first part of the docuseries sets things up: Nevenka was just 24 when she was added to the ticket for Rodríguez, a charming hospitality executive running for mayor of the small city of 69,000 in Spain’s León province. The story she is telling in Nevenka: Breaking The Silence, isn’t new, unfortunately. The three-part docuseries, directed by Maribel Sanchez-Maroto, gets down to business.