• 20 Mar - 26 Mar, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Found-footage movies and shows have a bit of a fatigue factor around them; because the story is being told in something resembling real time, from the perspective of one of the participants, it’s hard to generate character elements and story beats. Now, from France comes a gritty found-footage series called Dealer. We flash back to see two filmmakers, director Franck (Sebastien Houbani) and cameraman Thomas (Julien Meurice), setting up GoPros in the car they’re driving. They’re in France driving into a rough neighbourhood to meet Tony (Abdramane Diakite), the leader of a drug-dealing gang who was just released from prison; a rap video he made from there caught the eye of record executives, who sent Franck out to shoot a music video. Right away things get a little dicey when Tony’s guys, including his co-gang-leader Moussa (Mohamed Boudouh), take their IDs at gunpoint then drive away with their car and equipment after Franck and Thomas get out. There’s an allusion to one of their members being killed the night before, so it seems that things are tense between rival gangs over turf. Franck and Thomas are increasingly caught in the middle; Franck is told that he should continue to film and he’s starting to realise how raw and compelling what he’s getting is. Thomas just wants to leave.