Airline employee goes extra mile to reunite toddler with Buzz Lightyear toy

  • 20 Mar - 26 Mar, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Mag Files

An airline employee went "to infinity and beyond" to return a little boy's Buzz Lightyear after the superfan left it behind on a flight. Two-year-old Hagen Davis, from California, was devastated when he realised that he had misplaced his beloved toy whilst travelling to Dallas, Texas, with his family. But unbeknownst to Hagen, the toy was picked up by a kind-hearted employee at Dallas Love Field Airport. Ramp agent Jason Hamm was able to find the rightful owner by matching his name, which had been scrawled on the toy's foot, along with the flight using the airline seat bookings. Buzz was then posted hundreds of miles in a hand-decorated box that included a sweet letter which detailed the exciting journey the astronaut took. The Toy Story hero posed for photos on the runway, in the cockpit, next to the plane engine and all over the airport. Hagen, who is a huge Toy Story fan, has a bedroom full of action figures, Buzz and Woody pyjamas and watches all four movies multiple times each week. So, after the toy went missing, the couple looked up how much it would cost to go through the official reclaim process – but decided against it when they discovered it was more than the cost of the toy. The family returned to their home in Elk Grove, Sacramento, and around a week later received an email from Jason saying he had found Hagen's toy and wanted to know where to send it back to. Hagen, like in the movie itself, had written his name on the bottom of Buzz's boot and Jason retrieved Ashley's contact details from their reservation.